Fantastic, life changing experience

Loved every moment of it!

Loved every moment of it. Best investment I ever made.

An intensive personal breakthrough experience. Only for those that know life has more to offer.

Ever woke up and asked:

  • There must be more to life?
  • Is this all I was born for?
  • Where am I going?
  • Why do I struggle so much?
  • I wish someone could help me!!!


Next event Apollo Hotel, Randburg. 3 and 4 August 2019.

Seats are limited, book early. Saturday we will start at 08h00 and finish 21h00, Sunday will be from 08h00 to 18h00.


You will learn, experience and change.

Special offer for our August 2019 event:

Pay only R 2897 for the event and receive the following extras:

50% Discount on our 9 day certification course at Action Factory

and a short free online course

We believe in real change for real people in a real world with real problems searching for real solutions.

Personal change is tough. We all need to change to adapt to our circumstances that are always evolving. Often we find ourselves stuck. This is when an external catalyst is needed.

No relationship can be today what it was yesterday. People change and so does relationships. The big question is which part should I change and how do I do it not to sacrifice my identity

Few people understand the true relationship we should have with money. It is not something we worship but, oh, we need it. A healthy understanding of your financial relationship is the key.

So many people think they have an understanding of this, but we can get it so wrong. How often have you found that you are exhausted and you need rest? That is a sign that something is out of balance. We can help.

The Secret of our Success

Success takes many years to perfect. Our program has 2 main elements.

We want you to learn. Knowledge and understanding is power. We will teach you about the brain, your thoughts, your behaviours, your habits, all those elements that make us who we are.

Life Coaching
Life Coaching takes us from where we are to where we want to be. It is that catalyst that guides us through the storms of life to find solid grounds of success.

What to Expect?

This program has taken 10 years to develop to its perfection

It is totally focused on you. Ensuring you have a breakthrough in any stuck area of life.

We believe training people to have long term sustainable outcomes is critical

You will have a dedicated, experienced Life Coach that will guide you all the way

Reality TV show
Many of our workshops are recorded as a reality TV show. We want people to see change is possible.

Journey to you  has developed into a live reality TV show. Our goal is 2 fold.

  1. We want you to experience phenomenal change.
  2. We want the audience to be inspired by your change.

This  transformation workshop has taken many years to develop to it’s perfection.

It combines powerful training and NLP Life Coaching to take you on a journey of transformation .

Our workshop is intense. It is designed only for those people that really want to change.

We start at 08h00 in the morning on day 1  and finish at 21h00 in the evening. Day 2 we will start at 08h00 and finish 18h00.

The big question is can you do it?

The question should rather be, how badly do you want it?

You will experience a combination of teaching and coaching. Nothing we do is for the average person. We are focused on people that know deep inside of them there is a phenomenal human waiting to burst out.

What topics do we cover?


Every area of your life where transformation is waiting to happen.

Our workshops are recorded and televised.

Will my privacy be protected?

We have 2 formats during the workshop. Open and closed formats.

Open formats is when all the participants are in the training room. The training room may be used in the broadcasts.

Coaching sessions is when you are having private sessions with your coach in small groups of 10 people only. These sessions are private and no discussions here will be televised without your consent.

What will I gain ?

The answer is different to each person. The short version is change.

Our world has changed, everything is moving and changing faster each day. We as humans often find ourselves stuck in certain areas and we need an intervention to help us change.

This workshop is all about change. We don’t want average change, we want amazing change.

It is our belief that every person has genius abilities in them. We are extremely capable, even beyond our own imagination. What we require is the key to unlock our full potential. We offer you the key, if you are ready.

For more than 10 years, Deon has been coaching and training people from around the world to become better versions of themselves. He has students in 87 countries around the world, giving him a broad spectrum of understanding, experience and knowledge. His deep understanding about human nature and how to bring about fast and effective change, has made him one of the world leaders in his field. He has proven this through the leading success of his company Action Factory, and the string of thousands of people he has touched in his life.

Simply, an experience that is a must of every person that is ready to transform to a better you.

How much will this cost me?

Our goal is to reach people and bring about transformation. We run these workshops at almost a costs only basis. Your investment will be R 2897 ( incl lunch,tea and coffee) for the workshop. Probably the best investment you can make for yourself.

Our Team

Our team of Life Coaches are trained, experienced and waiting to bring lasting change to your life.